Kat Hughes Entertainment is a content creation and distribution entertainment company established by indigenous Australian business woman and entrepreneur Karen Lebsanft.

A passionate Australian, Karen is a proud Burra Burra woman, direct descendant of Aboriginal tribal chief and renowned warrior Murrandah and traces her European ancestry back to the First Fleet.

Co-Founder, CEO and inspirational driving force behind Kurrajong Kitchen, Karen is a respected community and business leader and has been recognised through national and international awards. She has established Kat Hughes Entertainment as the newest addition to her business interests with the vision of

“Inspiring, Empowering, Impacting, and Connecting Communities by Sharing Lived Experiences Through Storytelling.”

Developing concepts including broadcast programs, live events, speaking presentations and indigenous specific stories and content, Kat Hughes Entertainment is committed to creating powerful, emotional, inspiring, inclusive and entertaining content, showcasing people’s real life stories from various backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs delivered via traditional, live, digital and new and emerging platforms for audiences across Australia and internationally.

CEO Karen Lebsanft commented “We have an amazing country full of incredible people with extraordinary stories. Kat Hughes Entertainment will make sure we share these stories with a wide audience, across numerous platforms, and provide a voice to all Australians so their personal achievements and journeys are recognised and captured and can inspire and motivate.”

Australian content, developed and produced by Australians, featuring real life Australians targeted to Australian audiences.

Accessing a network of professionals experienced in all facets across the entertainment industry, production and broadcast, Kat Hughes Entertainment has numerous exciting new projects and initiatives in the pipeline ready to roll out.

Poised to quickly establish its mark on the entertainment industry and with audiences, Kat Hughes Entertainment will be proudly recognised as an innovative and pioneering developer, producer and distributor of Australian branded, true life content.

“Kat Hughes Entertainment’s main goal is to leave a legacy by impacting the next generations. From stories of the past, to the real life journeys of the Australians of today, we can share the lessons, experiences and histories of the people of Australia to be used positively and proudly by all those that seek to make their mark.” concluded Lebsanft.

For additional information and to organise interviews with Karen Lebsanft contact  0408 150 131 or email